Midweek Special

$99 per Night

This Summer, try our Standard and Deluxe Room Specials starting at $99/night SRO. Rates may vary and you must be eligible.


Murder Mystery


Join in the fun for a fully interactive murder mystery weekend. One of you "did it" and the clock is ticking to solve the crime. Click on our Murder Mystery page or call us for more details about how to get your party committed to crime.


Military Per Diem

$91-$158 per night Midweek Single Occupancy

We can honor military perdiem rates for active service Naval Personnel in Newport on orders Sunday through Thursday evenings.GSA Summer Per Diem is $158/night or $91/night November to April. Must show Military ID. Single Occupancy Availability.


Haunted Rooms

Subject to Room Selection

Now sign up for a Haunted Room and randomly receive a room with a history of paranormal activity. You might get lucky and have an encounter of your own. Limited availability. Subject to availability