Murder Mystery Weekends

Architects Inn Newport RI 3-Day Murder Weekends

Be treated like a Queen, eat like a King & play like a Child

Committed to C.R.I.M.E. - Creative Role-playing Interactive Mystery Experiences
Experience the suspense and excitement of a murder mystery in this Victorian Mansion in the City-by-the-Sea. Awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes, Watson and Professor Moriarty. Will you be a suspect, red herring, accomplice or murderer? We create a full-length mystery for you and participating guests to be the characters, detectives, suspects and, in some instances, the murderer (just be careful not to end up the victim). Presented by the Marley Bridges Theater Company, formerly the renowned Astors’ Beechwood Theater Company on Bellevue Avenue, you will be receive your character role via email before arrival. All guests receive character profiles that are customized to fit their personality, interests and comfort levels. Whether you view this getaway as a “murder mystery that happens to be in Newport” or a “vacation in Newport with a murder mystery thrown into the mix,” our crew guarantees that you will walk away happy. We are Newport’s most experienced and professional mystery engineers. Upon checking in to your room, the story begins and the events to follow are all part of a fun-filled weekend. Included is Dessert Evening on Friday, Full Breakfast Each Morning, Full Dinner at the Inn on Saturday night, and Awards Breakfast on Sunday morning. The food alone is worth the price! All Locally Catered with Local Rhode Island Foods. Prepare yourself to complete at least one task throughout the day on Saturday that will take you around Newport in an exciting and intriguing way that relates to the story-line and overall theme. Keep your ears and eyes open for clues during your site-seeing and relaxing, as well as your phone handy – you may receive text messages or calls with updates or opportunities for extra clues.
For more information, and schedules for specific shows, see our Murder Mystery Schedule above.  
Or, You Choose!  Are you a Crime Solver and a Party Coordinator? Get enough of your friends together and we can create a Murder Weekend for your Group. Subject to Room Availability.

Murder Mystery Themes

We Offer Several Different Themes for Your Murder Mystery Weekend


Each of these themes is a unique experience


Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

The Preservation Society of Newport has acquired a new property but discover skeletons in the closets and unwelcome house guests lurking the halls at night. They call in paranormal investigators to come exorcise the demons.

Weekend highlights include a real medium, tarot readings, séance, and "soul" food.

Dress Code: Modern Day Attire

Upcoming Dates: Click Here


Hollywood Hearst

A casting call and pressure to sell to the producers has a director and crew in a twist. The latest in movie technology is expanding the market and they are trying hard to get funding for the impossible. Will the movie get made? Who will be the lead actress? Will people really pay to see color films?

Dress Code: 1920's Attire

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here


Trail of Bones

During the turn of the century, a serial killer is on the loose. A confluence of events brings a crew of unlikely strangers to the center of the mystery. Too intrigued by what brought them together, they try to solve the crime on their own. But we all know what curiosity did to the cat. Trapped on the island, you must unearth clues, reveal secrets and untangle the web of intrigue before the killer takes another victim.

Dress Code: 1908 Attire

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here

The Heist of Newport's Treasure

A Newport millionaire has hired you as part of an elite group to pull the con-of-the-century. Arrive on Friday to meet your team of usual suspects and be briefed on the game plan for Saturday's heist. But when someone leaks important information to the target (or worse, the FBI), you'll be sent on a chase to save the mission and possibly your life. Is there a mole amongst you? Use your criminal instincts to take out the trash.

Dress Code: Modern Day Attire

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here

Servant's Union

Its the turn of the century... unions are sweeping the nation of every industry from textile mills to railroad workers. Its time for household staffs to get in on the action. The house staff of the Lady Braille (pronounced "Browley") is convening a meeting of domestics from the best houses of Newport. Join them in their efforts to secure better working conditions, wages and perhaps the spots in the wills of their employers.

Dress Code: 1910-1920s Attire. 

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here

The Amazing Case

Attention All-Stars: you have been selected to compete in “The Amazing Case,” the ultimate scavenger hunt with more adventure, more action and more assassination. As experienced private eyes, you have proven your worth to battle the best of the best bloodhounds. Competitions will test your strength, speed, sensitivity and sleuthing smarts, in a fast-paced race to the $10 million prize. Will you walk away a winner or a whiner in this reality-meets-game show mega mystery?

Dress Code: Modern Day Attire

Upcoming Dates: By Request Only


Bitter Taste of Newport

You have been cast to participate in a reality television series to show off your culinary skills in a highly competitive and intense chef cook off. The other contestants will stop at nothing to win the show and the grand prize.

Dress Code: Present Day

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here

Cardigan's Wake

An eccentric billionaire dies unexpectedly and his family must gather the strength to sort through his affairs. Back stabbing occurs when the Last Will and Testament is not found and the search for it begins. 

Dress Code: Late 1980-Early 1990's

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here


  I Do or I Die 

Newly engaged Neil and Nicole gather their friends and family together for impromptu destination wedding weekend when disaster after disaster hits making them reconsider their nuptials. 

Dress Code: Early 1980's

Upcoming Dates and Rates: Click Here

What's Included?

  • Persona Profiles in Advance
  • Props
  • Fatal Dessert and Cocktails Friday
  • Homicidal Breakfast Saturday
  • Scandalous Scavenger Hunt Saturday
  • Cocktail Hour and Tea Saturday
  • Inquisition 4-Course Dinner Saturday
  • Award Breakfast Sunday

 Questions? Interested in signing up? Click here to send us a message:

Upcoming Dates

Groups of 15+ can create their own dates (subject to availability)

October 29-31, 2021 (Halloween Weekend)

Theme: Servants Union

Prices: $798 Standard Room, $835 Deluxe Room, $1197 Deluxe Suite

Registration Deadline: October 1, 2020 Commit to Crime Now

November 19-21, 2021

Theme: Trail of Bones 

Prices: $798 Standard Room, $835 Deluxe Room, $1197 Deluxe Suite

Registration Deadline: October 31, 2021 Commit to Crime Now


December 3-5, 2021

Theme: Bitter Taste of Newport

Prices: $798 Standard Room, $835 Deluxe Room, $1197 Deluxe Suite

Registration Deadline: January 10, 2022 Commit to Crime Now


February 4-6, 2022

Theme: Cardigan's Wake

Prices: $798 Standard Room, $835 Deluxe Room, $1197 Deluxe Suite

Registration Deadline: January 10, 2022 Commit to Crime Now


February 25-27, 2022

Theme: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Prices: $798 Standard Room, $835 Deluxe Room, $1197 Deluxe Suite

Registration Deadline: January 31, 2022 Commit to Crime Now


March 4-6, 2022

Theme: Hearst Hollywood

Prices: $798 Standard Room, $835 Deluxe Room, $1197 Deluxe Suite

Registration Deadline: February 6, 2022 Commit to Crime Now


New Extended Scavenger Hunt Add on $100

What's Included?

  • Persona Profiles in Advance
  • Props
  • Fatal Dessert and Cocktails Friday
  • Homicidal Breakfast Saturday
  • Scandalous Scavenger Hunt Saturday
  • Cocktail Hour and Tea Saturday
  • Inquisition 4-Course Dinner Saturday
  • Award Breakfast Sunday

Questions? Please call us or text 401-845-2547

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Little More Information About Our Murder Mystery Weekends

I do not understand how the show works? What am I getting into?

Imagine a real life Clue, except it is a totally different storyline. You will receive, in advance, a character persona in which you must play all weekend. You will act the part, dress the part and talk the part. Nobody breaks character until the murder is solved. There are professional actors mixed in the crowd to facilitate the weekend but they are just playing characters just like you. You may not even know they are actors. Events take place as naturally as if it were real. Clues and cues will be passed at appropriate times to keep the story moving forward. As far as we know, no one else does quite what we do here for Murder at the Inn. It is a unique experience that will send you home with stories to tell your friends.

I feel uncomfortable being with a group of strangers. Is this the kind of event that I should wait until I can get a group of friends? Why so?

Absolutely not!!!!! Private parties are never as much fun as a group of complete strangers. Don’t take it the wrong way…we would love to have any and all groups; however, from our experience, the most fun and dynamic weekends are those when people are not traveling together. A mix of couples, singles and groups tends to be the best scenario. You may ask ‘Why is that?’ There are several reasons not limited to the following. If you are staying on your own, you have no idea who is a professional actors and who is just another guest. Past participants all say it is both more challenging to solve the story and a lot easier to interrogate people who you do not otherwise know. Just because you know your friends/family in real life does not mean that you know who their characters are. You could be sleeping with the Murderer!!! If you don’t know the other people, it is second nature to try to talk with them, pull information out of them and try to solve the murder. We have "ways of getting you to talk" to each other. Everyone makes new friends by the end of the weekend. 

I don’t want to be a burden because I have food allergies.

You might prefer to reserve a Newport Murder Mystery Weekend that is already catering to others with your dietary needs. Please call us for details on which weekends are doing so. However, never to worry. The Architect’s Inn and Inn Bliss were the first inns in Rhode Island to offer gluten free options. Inn Bliss was also the first in Newport, RI to cater to other food minority groups. Please be sure to mention anything when you reserve your weekend so that the chef can prepare an appropriate menu that everyone will enjoy.

How soon should I book the room?

We ask that you reserve your room as soon as you fall in love with it and pick dates that work in your schedule. It is the only way for us to make sure we have enough people to run the show. Also, keep in mind each Newport weekend is completely custom made. Your character is unique and we need ample time to create your character and write him/her into the storyline.

We are just two people. What if the minimum number has not been met yet? Should I wait to book?

It is important to book as soon as possible so that we have plenty of time to try to fill weekends that have the most interest so that the show can run. Every single, couple or group all adds up very quickly. There may be dozens of couples waiting in the sideline for a show to run. If nobody calls and puts their name down, they lose out. By the time you realize the minimum number has been met, we might be sold out. 

What if the minimum is not met?

If the weekend is not filling up, you have options. You can try to find other friends to join the Murder Mystery. OR You can still come but use the money like a gift certificate towards a room rental instead. OR You can switch to another Murder Mystery weekend. We have a one month cut off date so you have ample time to make your decision.

What about costumes? Shoes in the house?

Dressing Up is SUPER FUN! Everyone is responsible for their own clothing. For storylines set in the present day, something from your own wardrobe will suffice. For storylines set in a specific period, we try to make things as easy as possible by choosing themes (black and white for the 1920s, Formal attire for the 1890s etc.) and then providing accents to your costume in the form of hats, walking sticks, parasols, feather boas, pocket watches, gloves and more! If you have something specific in mind, let us know and we will try to accommodate. For example, if your character is a modern day Russian spy, you may choose to ‘camp up’ the character with a sharp, sexy, outfit out of James Bond or you could wear a simple outfit from your closet. One outfit plays into the stereotypical spy from the movies while the other maybe depicts a spy trying blend into everyday society. As you can see, both are perfectly appropriate for the weekend murder mystery, but each showcases different underlying personality traits which may throw others off from your schemes. Costume shopping is easy and fun! Ebay or online costume stores are helpful but some of the best costumes can be pieced together from vintage stores, bargin outlets and even the Salvation Army store.  Remember, most storylines will require three outfits: 1) For Friday evening, 2) For Saturday morning/day, 3) Saturday evening. Don't be afraid to mix and match to creative different outfits from a few articles of clothing. If you start planning when you reserve the weekend, you can avoid any fashion malfunction. 

Normally we have a "no shoe" policy in the house due to the preserved floors, however, we allow any clean indoors for the Murder Mystery Weekends. Just bring a separate set for outdoor activities.

I’m outgoing but I am looking to bring someone who is more of a quiet introvert. Is this an appropriate weekend or gift idea?

Yes! Everyone receives a questionnaire when they first book their weekend. We create every one's characters based on a short personality quiz in this questionnaire. We want to know if you are an extrovert or an introvert. We really want both types of people. Its the only way to simulate a real life situation. If everyone was an extrovert, the story plays too much like a bonkers ‘I Love Lucy’ fiasco, which sounds fun but actually too many “lead roles” ruins the story. For example, an extrovert becomes the outgoing, bizarre, funny or obnoxious character; an introvert becomes a puzzling, mysterious, quiet, secretive character. Therefore, your actions (or lack therefore of), add to the storyline. Everyone becomes equal suspects. Every has equal fun. There are no small parts in theater…

How soon can we cancel?

We can not extend any cancellation after casting. Your character is completely custom written into the show therefore, everyone is absolutely essential for the show to go on. Imagine if your character was the murderer and you never showed up to the party! The storyline might have to be completely re-written. We ask people not to book if they think there is a possibility to cancel. If you need to cancel after booking, please give us ample time, at least 6 weeks notice. If you are questioning canceling but are not sure, please, call us to at least give us a little warning. This will ensure that other people participating in the weekend still have a good time. Thank you.

Why do the prices change?

There are many factors that control cost. Just like airlines, hotels and any commercial product, prices increase as supply decreases and demand increases. If you book in advance, the rates are lower and options are higher. The prices also vary based on the room size, how many actors are performing, how extensive the story is, and what amenities and services are included. We also have group rates of 10 people or more. It is best to just call us. Generally speaking, it is between $399-$499 per person depending on the size of the group and what's included with the weekend.

What is the best storyline? Which is the best for me?

All the storylines are equally challenging and exciting. One is not better than another. What matters is how much ‘gusto’ you put into it. We want you to be excited about your weekend in Newport because you are the cast. The way to choose a Murder Story that is best for you is to read them and find one that jumps off the screen. If that tactic doesn’t work, simply pick the dates that work well in your schedule. Again, all the stories are terrific.

Will we have time to explore town?

Yes, you will have time to enjoy all the wonderful scenery in Newport. Some stories include a scavenger hunt around Newport designed to bring you to either areas that off the beaten path or to the main tourist destinations. The scavenger hunt does not take all day, so you will have some time for exploration. If you prefer you may arrive early on Friday to explore downtown Newport or enjoy some attractions before you leave on Sunday. Many guests choose to purchase an additional night either before or after the weekend so that they have additional time to enjoy the city.

What time do we need to check in? When is check out?

Check in varies depending on the show. For regular murders, please check in by 7 pm Friday and be ready for the show by 8 pm. Please remember that most first night performances do not include dinner so please either arrive earlier to eat dinner in Newport or eat on your way to Rhode Island. For enhanced murder experiences, check in time could be much early. Your character persona packet will give details specific for your weekend. Check out is 11 am on Sunday.