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Gift Certificates

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People want Experiences and Memories today.

Material gifts are a thing of the past. Experience how touching a simple gift certificate can be.  We offer two types of gift certificates for your purchase.  See below for details.

1. Amount of Nights

  • Some people prefer to put more thought into the gift and/or not let the Recipient know how much they paid.
  • Restrictions are specified by the Giver (you). You pick the room. You pick the number of nights. You pick the time of year. You pick the package(s), if any. (This can be a fun way to see how well you know the Recipient’s taste and preferences.)
  • Upgrades are available but no substitutions. Essentially this means, the Recipient can always pay more if they want to add on nights, upgrade to a larger room, purchase a massage, etc. However, they can not make a substitution. An example of a substitution is the gift certificate is for a “two night stay and massage for one person” but the recipient wants to stay only one night, receive tickets to a mansion and receive a couples massage. (Substitutions are prevented to respect the Givers wishes in package choices and to conceal the value of the package from the Recipient.)
  • This is really geared towards Givers who really KNOW what the Recipient would like.  
  • This is most popular for special occasions such as a Wedding Gift, an Anniversary, a Promotional Gift, Sisters’ Getaway, “Welcome Home, Soldier” gift, Surprise Honeymoon, De-stress Getaway, or any occasion that you feel that the Recipient would not have time to plan completely by themselves.

2. Specified Dollar Amount

  • This is best when you have no idea when the Recipient will want to redeem the Gift Certificate.
  • Can be used Anytime- High Season or Low Season, Weekdays or Weekends
  • Can be applied towards any of our services including rooms, packages, tickets, restaurants, massages, etc
  • This provides the most flexibility of the Recipient so they can plan their trip the way they want it.
  • This is most popular for “standard” gift-giving occasions such as Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

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Gift Certificates Never Expire in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

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