1873 Architects Inn
2 Sunnyside Place
Newport, RI, 02840, United States
  • Architects Inn Foyer Entrance

Event Planning

What does the Architect’s Inn Offer for Business Travelers and Groups?

  • Free Off Street Parking
  • Massage Service
  • Express Check Out
  • Breakfast Options (Included or Excluded)
  • Ability to break off into smaller group settings for brainstorming
  • 1550 Square Feet of Common Area for Events or Parties for only $250
  • Free Wireless Printing

Why stay at the Architect’s Inn? What sets us apart from a hotel?

Separation from co-workers or clients…Sometimes large, swarming groups are not fun or are uncomfortable for maintaining a particular client relationship  Outside, covered Verandah reduces glare on a laptop and allows you to relax to the sounds of birds with a soothing sea breeze.  Invite your client over for meetings. It is a great icebreaker, can put a client at ease, and sets your company apart from your competitors.

Cozy, relaxed area for meetings or discussion groups.  Quiet Working Conditions- in your room or in the common area.

  • Gushing Victorian Charm will Invoke Inspiration for the creative professions.
  • Free Wi-Fi (Honestly, why some hotels continue to charge for this is beyond super silly!)
  • Free Luggage Storage between Visits. No bother to check your baggage at the airport.
  • A Victorian, Butlers Pantry for afternoon tea and refreshments or Cocktail Parties. You can also bring your own snacks too and make yourself at home.
  • Free Alcohol delivery from the local liquor store so you are not over charged like at a brand name hotel bar
  • Gourmet Breakfast on site in the morning.
  • A local contact that might be able to help you with business connections in the area.
  • A personal touch and charm that without, can make business travel uninteresting.

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