1873 Architects Inn
2 Sunnyside Place
Newport, Rhode Island, RI 02840, United States
+1 401-845-2547

Servants' Union

November 20-22, 2015

Its the turn of the century... unions are sweeping the nation of every industry from textile mills to railroad workers. Its time for household staffs to get in on the action. The house staff of the Lady Braille (pronounced "Browley") is convening a meeting of domestics from the best houses of Newport. Join them in their efforts to secure better working conditions, wages and perhaps the spots in the wills of their employers.

What's Included?

  • Persona Profiles in Advance
  • Props
  • Fatal Dessert and Cocktails Friday
  • Homicidal Breakfast Saturday
  • Scandalous Scavenger Hunt Saturday
  • Cocktail Hour and Tea Saturday
  • Inquisition 4-Course Dinner Saturday
  • Award Breakfast Sunday

Dress Code

1910-1920s time frame. Think Downton Abbey!