1873 Architects Inn
2 Sunnyside Place
Newport, Rhode Island, RI 02840, United States
+1 401-845-2547
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Hearst’s Hollywood: Stars of the Silver Scream

January 29 - 30, 2016

Newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, Jr. is attempting to make cinematic history by producing the first "talkie" film, in Technicolor. He has invited you and other Hollywood bigwigs and hopefuls to make cinematic history with him. You will stay in his Newport home he has converted into a jumpin' gin joint. How far will you go to be a star? Remember, if you can't be famous, be infamous.

What's Included?

  • Persona Profiles in Advance
  • Props
  • Fatal Dessert and Cocktails Friday
  • Homicidal Breakfast Saturday
  • Scandalous Scavenger Hunt Saturday
  • Cocktail Hour and Tea Saturday
  • Inquisition 4-Course Dinner Saturday
  • Award Breakfast Sunday

Dress Code

Late 1920's Attire, Flapper Wear